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We BUY, SELL and SERVICE antique wood and coal stoves and stove parts manufactured before 1930. This operation is focused on offering professional services and quality products in a friendly manner. For many heating seasons now, we have fueled all of our cooking and heating needs with wood burnt in antique stoves. Our experience will get you the right stove for your needs.



Antique stoves were manufactured in a number of styles and sizes. We try to maintain a large and diverse inventory of stoves to fit most needs and budgets. If you see something you like, you can contact us and we would be happy to talk about it, and/or you can make an appointment to come to the shop and look at it. If you visit us anytime from October to May our kitchen cook stove will be burning, along with one to two other heaters if its cold enough.

If you don’t see what you want here, contact us anyway. We would be happy to try to find it for you.


Stoves can be picked up, delivered or shipped. When shipping, we build very strong and secure crates for our stoves. We have successfully shipped stoves around the country. We also offer free gift wrapping.

sold stoves.

  • Glenwood Home Grand 208
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Restored - Shipped to Ohio

  • Splendid Oak 29
    Fuller & Warren Co. - Troy, NY
    Restored - $2,700 Panton, VT

  • No Name Stove
    Goewey - Albany, NY
    Just restoration - Ludlow, VT

  • Middlebury Stove
    R&J Wainwright - Middlebury, VT
    Just restoration - Shoreham, VT

  • Glenwood C 108
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Just Restoration - Delivered Ryegate, VT

  • Union Crawford 8-20
    Walker & Pratt - Boston, Mass
    Just Restoration - Delivered Landgrove, VT

  • Quaker Gem C 820
    White Warner Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Restored - Skinny Pancake - Hanover, NH

  • Glenwood Baseheater #8
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Restored $3,200 - Delivered Woodstock, VT

  • Glenwood Oak 40
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Just restoration $1,800 - Delivered Moriah, NY

  • Superb Household
    White, Warner Makers - Taunton, Mass
    Restored - In use in our kitchen now

  • Glenwood E (early fancy one)
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Restored $3,500 - Shipped to Colorado

  • Glenwood CH 208
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Restored $2,500 - Shipped to Colorado

  • Glenwood B 208
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Sold as is - went to New Jersey

  • Modern Glenwood Parlor 223
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass
    Restored $1,000 + stove trade in - Vermont

  • Oak Andes 616
    Phillips & Clark - Geneva, NY
    Sold as is - delivered to New York

  • Round Oak E 18
    P.D. Beckwith - Dowagiac, Mich
    Sold as is - shipped to Indiana

  • Round Oak M 24
    P.D. Beckwith - Dowagiac, Mich
    Sold as is - went to Minnesota

available stoves.

  • Standard Oak 18
    Somersworth Foundry Co.- Salmon Falls, NH

  • Gem Dockash 184
    Scranton Stove Works - Scranton, PA

  • The Hub Oak 318
    Smith and Anthony Co. - Boston, MA

  • Round Oak E18 + extra half can
    P.D Beckwith - Dowagiac, Mich.

  • Glenwood Oak 40
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass

  • Magic Hub 208
    Smith & Anthony Co. - Boston, Mass

  • Modern Glenwood Home Grand 308
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass

  • Glenwood E 408
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass

  • Modern Glenwood E 508
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass

  • Glenwood C 280
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass

  • Farmers Cook No 8
    S. Machine Co. - Dover, NH

  • Gold Coin
    Bussey & McLeod Stove Co. - Troy, NY
    Restored - $2,900

  • Stewart Oak 116
    Fuller & Warren Co. - Troy, NY

  • Stewart Oak No 4
    Fuller & Warren Co. - Troy, NY

  • Modern Glenwood Oak  116 & 114
    Weir Stove Co. - Taunton, Mass

  • Crawford No 30
    Walker & Pratt - Boston, Mass

  • Quaker No 10
    Taunton Iron Works - Taunton, Mass

  • Home Herald 22
    O.G Thomas - Taunton, Mass

  • Universal 22
    Co-op Stove Works - Troy, NY

  • Cottage Jewel
    Jewel Stoves and Ranges - Detroit, Mich

  • Soapstone with sliding doors
    Williams & Co. - Nashua, NH




Our stoves are professionally restored here at our shop following a ten step process. When completed, these tough appliances are not only BEAUTIFUL, but will OPERATE in a SAFE and EFFICIENT manner.

If you already own a stove, we would be happy to service it, weather a simple repair or a full restoration. You can also trade in your stove towards one of ours.

For more information, click each step below!


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We start by stocking our inventory with clean stoves. These are stoves with minimal rusting and very few, if any damaged or missing parts. We are not welding together and painting a stove that’s been outside in the weeds for the last fifty years!


We inspect the stove and create an action plan for any missing or damaged parts. The best option is always to replace missing/damaged parts with new old stock that is original to that stove. In some instances, the parts may not be original to that model stove, but still look and fit correctly. This is why we maintain such a very large inventory of parts. Our second option is to replace parts with recast parts. The foundry we use is very reputable and produces high quality parts.  If we cant replace parts are final option is to fix them. You can weld cast iron if you know what you are doing. Having said that, we go through great lengths not to have to weld, or to weld very little.   

We inspect the stove and create an action plan for any missing or damaged parts. The best option is always to replace missing/damaged parts with new old stock that is original to that stove.


Stove is completely disassembled by removing every nut and bolt.


Nickel plated parts are set aside to be polished if possible, or sent to our professional plater who is here in Vermont.  


Into our sandblasting building where both sides of every part gets sandblasted down to bare metal. This is real deal sandblasting - powered by our industrial grade 185cfm Ingersol Rand air compressor.


Parts are cleaned and inspected one more time for any cracks which sometimes appear now that a century of polish, ash and rust has been blasted off.


Paint or polish? Originally, these stoves were polished, but since than, they have invented high heat stove paint. I think we are the only shop offering polish as an option. When you contact us, we can discuss the difference.    


Stove goes back together with all new nuts/bolts and gaskets making it as air tight as possible.   


Firebox is lined with a malleable firebrick that prevents parts from cracking or warping. 


We install all our nickel plated parts and any miscellaneous items like ashpans, towel rods or lid lifters. 



We are always looking for more parts to buy and sell. We maintain a large indoor inventory of original parts - lids, expansion joints, grates (wood/coal), doors, liners, frames, oven racks, bases, backs, shelves, stove pipe, etc.

Many popular makes like Glenwood, Crawford, Fairmont, Quaker, Round Oak, Gold Coin, Stewart and lots of obscure stuff too!

Contact Us for availability. contact message


In 2006 I set out to find a wood burning cast iron range to heat a 19th century farmhouse I was renovating.  Over the course of a long weekend, that search took me to a number of dealerships throughout New England, but none in Vermont!  I ended up purchasing a stove from a dealer in Massachusetts who had been restoring stoves for over thirty years and just happened to be scaling back and looking to retire.


I worked out a deal to buy all of the remaining stock of stoves, which wasn’t much and all of the remaining stock of parts, which was way too much! Over the course of a year I made ten trips to his shop with my one ton dump truck and trailer to haul his "junk" (he would joke) back to Vermont. During each of those long visits, we spent our time working on stoves all day and I would bother him about stoves late into the night. This became my apprenticeship and education into everything antique stoves.  

Over the course of that year my mentor and I became good friends. We did so, for the same reasons I purchased a stove from him a year prior…he was just a good guy. He treated his customers the same way he treated everyone…joyfully and respectfully. Those are qualities we have in common and ones this shop continues.   




Running a Glenwood Oak #40 this winter, couldn't be happier!



House call to Roxbury, VT for a complete firebox rebuild - replaced coal grates with a wood grate and added new firebrick liners.


JUNE 2016

Spotted on side of old barn in Ferrisburg...not everything is on eBay yet!


APRIL 2016

Face plate for Quaker Gem C - Congratulations to the owners of the Skinny Pancake on their great new location in Hanover, NH - This stove is part of the decor there.



Have no cash in the bank...but pickles in the cellar. What a year for cucumbers here!  

July 18 2015

My first weekend to open up to cut firewood...and its the hotest weekend of the year! Live trees cut now will still have time to season if split and stacked under cover. But I would much rather be in the woods in January.

July 3 2015

Wow, another cylinder stove find in Vermont already. This one a Stewart Oak. One of the legs is cracked problem, I will send a good leg out to a foundry for a recast! See pic in Available Stoves.

June 7 2015  

Planted our potatoes this weekend, fall will be here before we know it and we will be digging these beauties up. It seems like its been a cooler May/June, been firing the cook stove up still some mornings. Reminder that I need to stop putting other projects ahead of firewood.

May 2015  

Just picked up a Splendid Oak 29 cylinder stove. With every stove I find, there is always a negative attribute to the experience. With this one, stove was great, but it was in a basement!  Its been a while since I had a basement job…drew a little blood lugging this one out. See pic in Available Stoves.

May 2015

I am more often than not finding out at this stage in life that if you wait to have it all figured out before you take on a project, you will never take on any projects, because you will never have it all figured out.  Case in point, our batch of chicks we just brought home a few weeks ago. I never was quite certain what I was going to do with them when they outgrew the brooder box in our kitchen. We have a chicken coop proper, a very nice one indeed.  But our two year old hens and rooster, I am sure would not take kindly to these little buggers.  So, when I could no longer stand all their incessant cheeping and scratching during the night, I finally figured out a solution…for now.  

April 2015  

Still burning quite a sum of wood.  We have had the family room stove shut down for some time now, but the cook stove is still burning at pretty much a constant rate.  Each time I haul a large pile of wood to the house, I think it’s the last, but it doesn’t turn out to be.


March 2015

I just restored this Griswold griddle to use on top of the cook stove. After cleaning, it got re-seasoned inside the oven of our cook stove.  Somehow, the tortillas are coming out even better!






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